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Buy the Kindle Version

Steve's book is available at Amazon.   

   Don't do another gig until you read Steve's book.
          -- Christine Lavin 

   Even if you never want to set foot on stage, Rapson's witty style is a great read. He's the real deal and has an instant classic in the field.
          -- Bill FitzPatrick,

   The funniest and best book I have ever read on this subject.

         -- Steve Friedman,

   The American Success Institute is proud to publish The Art of the SoloPerformer by Steve Rapson. He has packed the wisdom of the ages into 175 pages. He is my media and speech coach. Whenever I do what he says, I succeed. If I lapse into my old habits, he is there to tell me what for. The book's Q&A format is the next best thing to having Steve personally work with you. It is a fast refreshing read that you will go back to many times--especially before your next big performance.
          -- Bill FitzPatrick, Executive Director