Here are books and websites that offer interesting insights about the Nature of God, The Universe, Life, and Everything. If you have something to suggest, by all means do so in the comments section of Seeking Soul.

   Waiting For God - Simone Weil - Letters to a French priest from a Jewish woman who was "...taken by Jesus..."  

   Finite & Infinite Games - James Carse - “There are at least two kinds of games,” states James P. Carse as he begins this extraordinary book. “One could be called finite; the other infinite.”

   Does God Exist?Keinosuke Johan Miyanaga - Many great philosophers have answered this question. Here is an answer that is complete and challenging.

   Help My Unbelief - William O'Malley, SJ. -  Father O'Malley played the senior priest in The Exorcist. He writes entertainingly and convincingly about doubt.

   Mere Christianity - C.S. Lewis - A series of radio lectures Mr. Lewis gave in the 1940's in England. A famous book that puts forth what Christians believe.

   The Screwtape Lettersby C. S. Lewis - audio read by John Cleese - Others have narrated this entertaining book, but Cleese is the one to get if you can find it.  A senior Demon gives advice to an apprentice on how to tempt humans to the dark side.

   God Is Not OneStephen Prothero - An overview of the world's major religions.

And a few words from the other side...

   God Is Not Great - Christopher Hitchens - To truly appreciate Hitchens' arguments and skill as a debater, go to Youtube and search on his name. Yes he was a polarizing individual.  But never boring.

   The End of Faith - Sam Harris - More smart guy taking on faith. Again, Youtube is the best place to get the full impact.

   The God Delusion - Richard Dawkins - See above.

And for the pure secularist...

   The Fabric of the Cosmos - Brian Greene - A physicist with a knack for explaining the near unexplainable.

   A Brief History Of Time - Stephen Hawking - This book has outsold the Bible, in dozens of languages. We all want to know where we came from and where we are going.