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The Disaster Of All Time © Steve Rapson

Meteors, and comets,
Global warming, and tornadoes
Tidal waves, and hurricanes,
Earthquakes and volcanoes.

The earth and all that’s on it
Is often subject to
Natural disasters
That endanger me and you.

But the final one’s a doozy,
And makes all others seem
Like a nice day at the beach
You’ll soon see what I mean.

In a billion years or so
The Sun will inflate
Just a little but enough for
Oceans to evaporate
This is all because in the
Center of the Sun
Hydrogen through fusion is turned
Into helium.

Now helium is hotter than
Hydrogen and so
The sun keeps getting warmer
As it continues to grow.

The water vapor rises way up
To the stratosphere
Where UV rays break it apart
And, Poof! No more atmosphere.
Oh, dear!

It’s a Biblical disaster
I’m sure you will agree.
The earth’s a sun-burnt rock with no
more place for you and me.

But if we’re still around to feel the
Heat we might say, ‘Damn it!’
‘Let’s build a spaceship ark and fly off
To another planet.’
But there’s another possibility
I feel that must mention,
And that’s the Second Coming
And our impending redemption.

For do you think the Lord would make us
Wait a billion years
To go to our reward
While all dried up and seared?

So I’m sure you’ll get to heaven
Before the sun heats up,
Unless of course you’re one of those who
Didn’t make the cut.
For you it’s an inferno
In Hades or on Earth.
But take heart you’ll witness the
Disaster of all time for what it’s worth.

Oh, yes… it’s the disaster of all time
Right here on Earth.