1. Grocery List


Grocery List
© 2016 Steve Rapson

We went to the store with a little list Found a few things more we could not resist
Mangoes by the bag, jar of gefilte fish Just a little more than what was on our list

We were motivated
Hunger made us weak
We even salivated
Over fried chicken feet

We should have stayed away
Until we had our lunch
We attacked that buffet
Like the Wild Bunch

Figs and dates expensive steak
Kumquat, kiwi, melon,
cupcake, cheesecake, coffeecake
We bought what they were sellin'

We're impulsive and voracious
Don't care if we get fat
You'll just be more curvaceous
I'll be, well, I'll be more fat

Oh, honey, please
Here's a wheel of cheese
Frozen soufflé
Truffle pâté

We went to the store
With a little list
Found a few things more
We could not resist

Up and down the aisles
There wasn't much we missed
Shopping at the store
With our little list

At the check-out counter
Our credit card is maxed
We're holding up the line deciding
What we should put back

When you're hungry you should not
Go to the grocery store
Even though you have a list
You'll buy a whole lot more