Quality Time by Dave Frishberg

performed by Steve Rapson

I'll be late getting home from the office, and I will, to...
'Cause we've both got a million calls to return, and a million things to do
We're not seeing enough of each other, 'cause truth be told
We're up to our ears in our careers, and we're putting our hearts on hold...
So darling let me bring you up to speed,
A little time together's what we need

Quality Time, we both deserve a little Quality Time
I know a small hotel remote and quiet
If they decide to sell my firm could buy it
Then we'd develop it and gentrify it
We're talkin' Quality Time

Quality Time, we owe ourselves a little Quality Time
In the Bahama's we can let our stress go
We'll walk along the beach and dine alfresco
We'll do a power lunch with Robert Vesco
We're talkin' Quality Time

Come fly with me unwind kick back relax
I'll bring my laptop fax
I'll work on my new screen play
I'll update my resume...

Quality Time, a little frolic and frivolity time
We'll take a seminar in self hypnosis
So we can learn to stop and smell the roses
I'll do a workshop on the grieving process
Learning to cry is no crime
We're talkin' Quality Time

Quality Time, you better shape up while you're still in your prime
We'll hit the tennis courts in our Adidas
That way the sporty sorts are bound to meet us
We'll double fault of course and let them beat us
We're talkin' Quality Time

Quality Time, we're both entitled to some Quality Time
We'll meet some upscale types share some space with
A nice young couple we could interface with
A smart attorney we could start a case with
We're talking Quality Time

Come dine with me, this time you choose the wine
Romance is the bottom line
And later when we're alone
Hold on there's my other phone...

We'll have a ball, but now I gotta deal with this other call
We've both been chewing more than we can bite off
We both deserve at least a day and night off
I'll speak to Sid he'll make it all a write off
And this may not cost us a dime

I'll fax you back with the plan of attack
To let the Quality Time begin
We'll firm up the time frame
And you can pencil me in
Better pencil me in