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Everybody needs a place to lie down
At the end of the day
Where they’ll be safe and sound
Everybody needs a place to call their own
Everyone needs a home.

I got a cardboard box downtown in alley number three.
At least it is a roof over me.
Every time it rains my house goes down the drain
That’s the price you pay to be this free

You gotta keep one eye on your stuff and hope the other one's enough
To spot trouble when it’s on the move.
'Cause dogs, and kids and old John Q all might have it in for you
And you ain't got much left to lose.


Any old place will do
If it's four walls and a roof.
Don't need no window with a view.
Hell, it might even leak
I wouldn't mind if I’m off the street
My palace might seem a dump to you.

Don't need no manicured lawns,
No ornamental swans,
No swimming pools like I was well-to-do
Just a bed and an old chair,
A drawer for my underwear
I could close both eyes the whole night through

Why don't I get a job?
Why don't I take a bath?
Why don't I get some decent clothes?
Why don’t I put down this cup,
Man, and clean myself up?
Why I live like this God only knows.

I might need a little help, from you,
To change the things I do.
'Long as I'm alive I might pull through.
I once heard a man cry,
"There but for the grace of God go I."
And you know the same might go for you.

By the way could you spare a buck or two?